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Inaugurated the “Batur” in Chapala

Increased tourism in Chapala


Chapala, Jalisco (01/JUL/2011) .- Yesterday was the grand opening of a sightseeing boat on Lake Chapala, with the name “Batur”. A group of investors decided to “rescue the tradition” that existed in late 1800 and early 1900, when commercial vessels, including tourism, were the constant in the glass lake.
The construction and commissioning claimed about 12 million pesos, with a capacity for 200 people. According to Ignacio Vazquez, one of the entrepreneurs, “Batur” will open on weekends to the public: Saturday will be “set apart” for private, on Sunday, all walkers.The individual cost per trip, which lasted two hours, will be 180 pesos (includes one drink). It will have two daily departure times: 14:15 and 17:15, and tickets will go on sale in the Chapala pier ramp.

“This is a very stale. (Lake) Chapala was a century ago and made boat rides him, so the intention is to provide an extra tourism. ”

For private events, it offers line 36360002, where you can request one of the three packages out there, ranging in price between 45 and 85 thousand dollars, for times of between three and five hours of walking.

Tourism minister at the Institution, Aurelio López Rocha, was present at the opening ceremony. He applauded the willingness of this group of entrepreneurs, because from their perspective, the boat will greatly help to rescue the boardwalk.

He added that its implementation does not create problems with the community of boaters, as the “Batur covers different markets and needs.”

El Informador – July 1, 2011Chapala, Jalisco (01/JUL/2011) –

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