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The Town of Chapala

The town of Chapala is adorned by having the largest lake in our country because we enjoy an excellent climate all year round ,

we are the second around the world , and so it is that

in our Riviera have a foreign community this privilege and all the beauties and all our traditions as mentioned some of them in the month of October, we celebrate our patron saint festivities of San Francisco de Assisi, after Mass at night the castle and burns famous bull , also in February to mention another tradition where we celebrate carnival celebrate our Queen of carnival , the famous king ugly bullfights , rides the lamppost and beginning with the burial of a bad mood ….. …….. visit our Lake Chapala , the people ‘s hope with open arms with its restaurants, spa hotels , and of course the realtor Hernandez Realty Group that is at your disposal for when you decide to come to reside in this beautiful Lake Chapala agents in this office we will be waiting to find the perfect home for you, as the friendly people who live in our town.

Chapala , warm and flowery shore all year because we have different kinds of flowers , as various fruit trees like papaya , apples , persimmons , guavas to name some of it , we also have beautiful traditions, such as the date approaches , the traditional day of the Dead , in which altars are made of dead tradition , starting with our president, where they are right now , on the boardwalk there an exhibition of deaths, with different outfits , and in the street of 5 de Mayo 2 November several blocks where neighbors of the bank, put their altars of the dead , following a tradition where they cook traditional Mexican dishes such as pozole , tacos, tostadas , tamales , famous donuts, and take that delicious atole are counted , champurrado , water etc of different flavors . and most beautiful of this tradition is that the neighbors as they pass to visit the altars are offered completely free neighbors invite you to share with us this tradition.


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